The Creation

The Creation:

My Goddess!

My Goddess!

 It flows from the hearts, it emerges from our nerves, it is the expression of our spirits…deep & delightful-

The Creation emanates from Him.

“In Creatio de Gaudium. In Gaudium de Creatio.”

The Creation of Joy. The Joy of Creation.

-Hrushikesh Sunil Gore.


4 comments on “The Creation

  1. aai says:

    tuza srujanand mazya paryant pohochla, mi chakit zale, chan , go ahed, i will be always waiting for your new creations !

  2. creatioblog says:

    Thanks for encouragement aai…:).

  3. Ashutosh says:

    In gaudium de reading

  4. creatioblog says:

    “Like” “Like”…:)

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