The SPIritual viversity , I didn’t  see in my university,
Nor in the city or from the minfinity to the infinity,
I flicker-opened my see-ity, lucky n witty,
To this unseen ambiguity,
I could feel my flexterity to drink the sweetity,
The SPI-ence has an intuity mety mysticity, and is a reality,
Light flows like triviality, from the essential singular originality  to the all-divinity,
We merge in the SPI-o-diversity, Dive verve see It Hit..!



Before there was any cule or a fella,
Primordiella was the sole soul dwella,
I guess about her n tell the tale-ya,
Won’t feelya the best belle, ah?

What had the nulla that it fuella to the fulla?
Within the life well-wella?
Let’s trail me n trail-ya, with her,
Up above the ell-a,

It was the one pre-bang with will-n-zeala,
That turned into the light and all the mass stella(r),
The turns n the burns of the fire with closed micella,
Made it all close into the live life gella,

It fixed n mixed in steps to churn out the failla,
Made it from the soup-cell-multicella-to-all the phyla,
All one from one, it’s one integrella,
She ever blooms- Primordiella, Sail-la, Alla…!

Not About Newton

I think what you see,
what you wear, what you do,
There is something stronger,
That lures, in you,
That makes me thrill,
Lose a beat for true,
I got some clue,
But got no clue,
n that’s why write,
Not about Newton,
’bout you,

& my sights do sleep,
On the linen of you,
That’s like a dream,
With a beautiful cue,
Few of those,
here & there,
Glances & dreams,
Of heart in lieu,
& I write,
Not about Newton,
’bout you,

Panic did I,
I thought you flew,
& how would I find,
You anew,
There you come then,
to grab my hands,
To lend me love,
& smiles few,
I’m not about Newton,
I’m all about you,
It’s not about Newton,
It’s all about you,
& I write,
Not about Newton,
’bout you,
& I write,
Not about Newton,
About you….

Abstract:- An ignorant Physics major could do this, sorry.