Everything is Evolution

Everything is Evolution,
Everything in Life Wakes Presence Only in the Night of Evolution,
Everything in Life Takes Essence Only in the Bright of Evolution,
Everything in Life Makes Sense Only in the Light of Evolution,
Everything in Life Breaks Immense Only in the Flight of Evolution,
Everything in Life Treks Crescents Only in the Height of Evolution,
Everything in Life Wrecks Intense Only in the Might of Evolution,
Everything in Life  Pecks Affluence Only in the Infinite of Evolution,…
Everything is Evolution…
Yeah, All Philosophy,
Now Philophily:
It’s never late n never early,

Every Ring in Life Stakes Defence Only in the Heart of Frivolution,
The Frivolution gets a Revolution to fix as the Lovelution,
The Partial Difference-ial Quick-quations might turn into fission n fusion,
Yeah, Always fusion- as we integrate into a Soulution,
With a rose smelled elution.
Got so Astitution,
We can make our Synstitution,
Within the blissolution,
The Winstitution,
Lose in Spiritualution,
Everything is Evolution, Every Zing in Life Becks Freence Only in the Rite of Nectrilution, Everything in Life Decks Elegance Only in the White of  Gleevolution,..
:D’s! Bliss!! Peace!!!


Self Is The Self

Self is the Self and Bliss, the Bliss – in the end,
All myself and the All-self is One, they each other  defend,
They each other commend, flow in the same trend,
All positive is  into the One, as all selves blend,
The Self  shall bliss  the One as from it all descend,
and to it all ascend, infinity that just scend,
infinity that just scend…


AxThmatic God-Generals arbitrary,
Are not soul-essences for necessary,
The Everything Generals,
Is before the special ordinary,
As is in the development or a process evolutionary,
But the soul-essences over the anythin’anything
and over its Generals-to-specials story,
Are in’em AxThms primary-compulsory,
So we get the Soul-Essential Successory,
Of the General-Soul-Essences ori-evo-dev-in’ into customary,
That builds the whole-n-core by the polymery,
Like what  would be such an  EvDevOri exemplary?
I try to see the great glory…

The Somethin’-n-its-ness and the Somethin’-n-its ness-Soul-Essence-x-dense,
The latter comes first, makes to me some sense,
Soul-Essence has to exist before ness’s presence,
It’s a class-defingxistence,  giving the Instance ness-florescence,
Without the class there can’t be its eminence,
Lord, it’s heavens!

(Gist Indicative-Mechanistic Proof in Sanskrit Verse and Picture)

अपेक्षन्ते सदा सर्वे सिद्धा:  किंघनास्स्वजा:। किंघनपूर्णघटनघाटितास्तु सर्वान्तरतिघना:।
तस्मान्निर्घनननिर्मितास्सन्ति भावभवभूता: क्रमात्॥



शून्याऽपेक्षीऽषा क्षमा ज्ञा परात्मा सर्वधाऽक्षरा।
शून्यताशक्तिसदासर्वजा सर्वापेक्षी चामरा॥
सुराधमसमसर्वस्वा सर्वात्म​ैक​ैकात्मिका।
सर्वात्मसमोत्करा स्वजसुना सुजेत​ृका सदा॥

This is a Sanskrit synoptic claiming and proof-suggestive complementary verse for my previous posts in the God tag, including- ‘The Pan-Spirit-Essence Free-ence’.

The Pan-Spirit-Essence Free-ence

A spirit-essence the most dense,
Always is, I sense,
From our 0-prima tense,
From the infinite whence,
Before it, of it and all its thens,
The Spirit does expense,
& into infinite it commence,
Until sooner or the farthest synnence,
By the unending winning eu-currence,
With Him who creates, promotes to fence,
The singular greatest Hence…

The Sum Solemn

It all began in an 0,
Everything that came, came from it so,
From the Phi’s of life-set to it’s Axioms-Theorems-
The Essential AxThms, Essence-Soul-Generals,
Thus more-n-the-most-givers- The higher-n-highest locals,
Form the lesser-lessest-simals-
Phi-AxThms, give the Sums,..
Then, the Sums sum up into the AxThms back to the Phi-0-hum-solemn,
The infinite cycles in the whole become,-
The Sum Solemn, The Sum Solemn…

Do I Go There..?

In the land of Eugenia et Eureignia, the heaven niche,
There has to be a meta-platinum life in the lit silent wheesh,
I face it even from within my Tees,
Do I get there, I ask bowed on the knees,
From the subs how the life frees?
How do we smile with the Divine D’s?
I wish and my soul sees,
I pray, strive, learn, unblemish,
The High nothing should miss,
It shall win until the infinite-bright-kiss,
Can it dissolve all amiss in a hiss?
In the unique tale of the post-now-&-pre’s,
All rejoice, that best-soul is…