AxThmatic God-Generals arbitrary,
Are not soul-essences for necessary,
The Everything Generals,
Is before the special ordinary,
As is in the development or a process evolutionary,
But the soul-essences over the anythin’anything
and over its Generals-to-specials story,
Are in’em AxThms primary-compulsory,
So we get the Soul-Essential Successory,
Of the General-Soul-Essences ori-evo-dev-in’ into customary,
That builds the whole-n-core by the polymery,
Like what  would be such an  EvDevOri exemplary?
I try to see the great glory…

The Somethin’-n-its-ness and the Somethin’-n-its ness-Soul-Essence-x-dense,
The latter comes first, makes to me some sense,
Soul-Essence has to exist before ness’s presence,
It’s a class-defingxistence,  giving the Instance ness-florescence,
Without the class there can’t be its eminence,
Lord, it’s heavens!

(Gist Indicative-Mechanistic Proof in Sanskrit Verse and Picture)

अपेक्षन्ते सदा सर्वे सिद्धा:  किंघनास्स्वजा:। किंघनपूर्णघटनघाटितास्तु सर्वान्तरतिघना:।
तस्मान्निर्घनननिर्मितास्सन्ति भावभवभूता: क्रमात्॥



Theoretical Fantasy PrEditorial

Theoretical fantasies of evolutionary systems may entertain our minds a lot and this task is a formal version of SciFi. By formal, I mean I plan to develop the the formal and mathematical theories of such fantastical but existable evolutionary systems. The task is intellectually and scientifically enormous and challenging. It is diverse and enlightening. This is because we desire to explore the whole set of evolutionary systems. However, in addition to fantasies of the non-existant but existable evolvers, exploring unrealistic systems may clarify the behavior of general principles which behave differently when integrated with the unrealistic principles to generate the impossible unimaginable fantasies. The construction of systems space with delimitations  among existable or realistic systems and unexistable ones, and among themselves is a huge task. While we may go constructively and axiomatizably with varied stress on each, both seem to require finding and combining  semantic atoms  in all ways.
We need to-
Define and find critical and main sub-spaces of the ‘initial’ and axiomatized and constructed to exist system space,
The Details of the diversity and behavior of the space as evolved from the initial original state,
Locate Maxima, Minima and Trends with their explanations.

We may have to go overboard and use illogical unrealistic logical systems to reason about such unrealistic-realistic system space.We must recognise that we are trying to deal with possible unrealistic-illogical systems too, so their theory would model their possibly strange or exotic logic. However, it might be more satisfying to find more realistic and optimal fantastical systems than unrealistic ones. The exploration of the whole system space is still possibly an enlightening task.

Interestingly, we have a huge database of semantic atoms and semantic pointers to choose from to create the system space- the entities from Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the Arts that nearly include everything possible in our and similar worlds. We may be able to distil trans-universe generalities from ours too. The question is how unusual, frequent, and intense is the Maxima of the whole space.
I shall be using Isabelle/Pure for the formalizations and possibly compute with R and Scilab and hope that this is a rewarding and enjoyable journey for us!
Do get in touch if you have any suggestions.

Thanks & Stay Tuned!


Of The Wild Naif Research

When nerves don’t fully serve, and answers don’t preserve,
They try but can’t observe, do I still deserve,
The essential empathy…

Nature turns mysterious, as expected by the curious,
We run amatorious, to grab the highs inebrious,
With Serious Sympathy…

This activity is frisky, complex-random-risky,
As if you ski on whisky, drunk with rum the drosky,
Excited, Breathy, Mathy…

You Wanna PhD

I miss American Dream since I has anywhere-green,
Don’t matter if I step on the win,
Or sneak away into the Willy-Jeans,
They still fonda put fixtures of tales
Fairier in my mind-within,
You wanna PhD?
You wanna PhD

I’m PI’s needy o’karma,
Another day another drama,
Guess I can’t see no harm
In working and being a mama,
And with a grad on my arm
I’m still an exception
And you wanna PhD?

I’m Hisses of SciStyle of pitch and focus,
(You want a PhD)
I’m Kisses of Oh my God that shiny paper,
(You want a PhD)
I’m Wishes for Extra-T’kstra-What’s not in?
(You want a PhD)
I’m cliché’s are these, are-not,Everything,
(You wanna PhD)

I’m bliss ‘You want to miss of me’,
Tryin’ and pissin’ me off,
Well get me wine with paperazzi
Who’s just flippin us all-
Hopin’ I’ll re-smart him to just-n-ad hoc, And blend up all’em in a flight and airport,
Now are you sure you want a PhD?
Cam misses ‘Most likely to set won the CV for getting into Ivies’,
When getting the groceries, Go for deal,
Far true leading me,
No wonder there’s planning in the industry,
I win please,

Do you want a PhD..?

Panenlight, Panenliven|

Ther arenot an evil, shall not be any,
leften to ruin the cosmo, euarcheugeny,
Carry world some for true, for it is not silent,
It should reign with rays, of white for the years many,

They bad would fade away, as they can’t but kill and die,
They good shall beover ’em, for they can nullify,
All that gave good are good, bad those gave bad, falses,
We hope that this truth shall be true that all unner clarify,

Ther arenot an evil, Ther arenot an evil,
Ajjustent is the light, Ajjustent is the light,

Note:- This verse is an attempt to archaestylize modern English at the level of meaning and language. Maybe one day I shall actually verify their stylostatistics.

Universal Selection II: Complete is Positive

With back reference to my Universal Tele0logy post asserting the tautology of basal teleology in any system, I have a new extension here:
Standard Teleology of Complete Net Fitness
The Complete net fitness of every finalist Origin(Innovation)-Evaluation-Outcome sub-atom and its atoms and higher combinations systems is essentially positive.
Complete Net Fitness is, for all systems, teleological in evolutionary-i time and the physical time.

The complete net fitness- Net Fitness including and sensing that of itself and its descendants i.e. its up to infinity or life or length post-genealogy, given by combination of its positive, neutral and negative components.
Zero and negative final fitness systems are by definition those that can never exist, while positives can in all senses of their name.
Thus positivity of Complete net fitness grants positivity of each and all of its components intra-sub-atomic-Innovation, Evaluation and Outcome and inter-sub-atomic.
It is notable that this adds Innovation units to the basal teleological evaluation and outcome ones by involving complete net fitness rather than restricted individual fitness. The infinite genealogy purifies the system for complete fitness for all finalists are positive in all its components while the negative ones (e.g. potentially negative sub-atoms or units) are eliminated by definition.
Potential innovation along with evaluation and outcome is purified as per complete-net-fitness minimum criterion (which is always positive by basal teleology) for the Complete Net Fitness of the system at all i-levels to prove the theorem for evolutionary-i time and thus the physical time of any length defining the Complete Net Fitness.

Feeling with the Self

When we are true, we congrue,
with whole of us, we construe,
all of the real-possible-impossible,
The infinite grace we ensue,

This dream just flew, inside the self, a hue,
Within the crew, of high-of the high, a clue,
It just drew, us in anew,
We have its true, within the dew-
of the Self that we affew,
We feel with the Self, in adue,
The Infinite grace we ensue,
The Infinite grace we ensue…