This Pretty Life

What’s that lets your ego go- up petty heights,
Like something can be fixed practically about me?
I can’t but plan to follow your wrongs, with the rights,
And try to feel the petty pretty might, you see?

I feel that the passion is unified- art-god and math-sci,
Love-Sex and everything life, so we can be bound free-
Free ’cause we’re okay that we just have to try,
and Okay that we may not get it, like everybody…

I don’t know why I dream for something special,
And feel special for things very simple and wifie,
He’s got to be a maid o’ me to get laid and rule the isle,
But it’s hard to hook a duke, life is pretty lifey!

Never knew it would be that nice even if tougher,
I call it a deed and I could agree,
Just a li’l bit, on the infinite, but we still ride the rafter,
through the life phylogeny…

Thru the years, I’ve been a fire-trier-lier-dire-out-lier,
I couldn’t manage to be worse than I ever be,
Life teaches lessons and we admire,
Getting better, maybe!

The Chocolate’s Not Enough…

I see you in the cake, in the drink & the melody,
In the winds, in rain, in me, in the nobody,
You feel like a chocolate, that melts in mouth,
That melts my soul, more than anybody,

I know that I’m happy a bit, but I’m not done,
With just that chocolate, & don’t you run,
Lend me just, the fragrance of your soul,
& soothe of my heart beats, that just’ve begun,

If it’s harder, just you turn,
& go away swift, n never return,
What do I do now, Don’t at all know,
Melt for chocolate & I already burn…

Abstract:- Really.