Before there was any cule or a fella,
Primordiella was the sole soul dwella,
I guess about her n tell the tale-ya,
Won’t feelya the best belle, ah?

What had the nulla that it fuella to the fulla?
Within the life well-wella?
Let’s trail me n trail-ya, with her,
Up above the ell-a,

It was the one pre-bang with will-n-zeala,
That turned into the light and all the mass stella(r),
The turns n the burns of the fire with closed micella,
Made it all close into the live life gella,

It fixed n mixed in steps to churn out the failla,
Made it from the soup-cell-multicella-to-all the phyla,
All one from one, it’s one integrella,
She ever blooms- Primordiella, Sail-la, Alla…!


My Neuronals

On the lines of my nerves,
That go spiral,
You go viral,
O eu-personal,
Says neuronal,
This neuronal,

It’s not just- it’s final,
With nothin, to annul,
That rises out the channel,
Of neuronal,
My neuronal,

It has some chemical,
That whirls so cyclical,
Around you so spinal,
In neuronal,

The cells of my retina,
Just gather n aling-a,
To see you, in a panel,
n go neuronal,
Ya neuronal,

We ain’t affinal,
& I’m not yet a binal,
So I breathe you,
You are ozonal,
For my neuronal,
O eu-personal,
For my neuronal,
My dear neuronal…

Abstract:- The love is neuronal, axonal, cytonal, n final. :).

P.S. :- The word ‘neuronal’ here, primarily refers to the ‘thoughts n imaginations’ the nerves bear. Other times it indicates & relates to crazy nervous activity, as in ‘to go neuronal’. Whichever be the case, a little bit of craziness is part of the neuronals. Cheers :).