Plain FullSweet

Sweet in for Sweet out,
We’re Bullshits, no doubt,
Just of a highin’ ground,
n we dissolve for life n pound,
n see- resolve for the best,
blessed with the crest,
nest in each others chests,
I think we’re no more guests,
I never thought it could happen to you n me,
But we’ve got yet to meet,
n we are plain fullsweet!
sweet-red like the beet,
hairs touch high, airs touch feet,
I don’t know how would we really treat,
You , me and anything that we hit,
But there is something of a heat,
you have meat n me wheat,
let it  one up in a beat,
Like the plain fullsweet!

कामकेकिता| It Ends With Light

कः काम्यः कामयति कामनां कामकेकिताम्।
सः सुधासंपृक्तसंमितः साहसामास्यति मे स्वताम्॥
सहगसहजस्वपरां सुसारसाधयन्ति यस्य स्वक्षणाः।
सर्वस्विता मे येन प्रणास्तु विप्रणाः॥
कस्मात्काश्यन्ति मत्र अनाकृतप्रेमःकणा॥
शंसहा शंपरा शंशंककारणा संशमीरणाः॥
म स यः प्रीप्रेरणा स्यादसिष्यति सत्सुशंस्त्युत्तीरणा॥

Who wishworth worthens my wish n passions excite,
He the nectar-filled-ally my whole unites,
All the self-else that passes with ease, His moments enlight,
All wishes n devotions of mine who ignite,
Unformal units of love from where come in sight?
The flows of love n Spi of here n high, whence alight?
With, after and causing the desire n the allay-rite?
Mine He who’s love-riser should n will arrive, It ends with the Light…
It ends in light infinite…


H is for Hot, D for Dude, I’m for life and for Him n him in HD,
After I find a FreeHD, a QueerHD,
Of a classical, closical n lovesical steardy,
I’m desperately needy,
I missed the train for a teenage love-birdy,
But so much of fun n learn of passion is ready,
Need find a FreeHD, a QueerHD, a SeerHD,
Yeah, I fancy a seerocious, for me voracious, who’ve made it,
Love is a fear HD, but I’m well, greedy, heart is seedy, World is weedy,
I need a nearHD to make us each FreerHD n DearHD!
Friends FindAFreeHD!

Your Pyar Review

I have just a peer preview,
Online pics-words few,
But that’s what’s enough for-
Your Pyar Review, Phew!

You jolted my love anew,
Like an elite flower in the Kew,
I wonder who that beard drew,
Made you too hot to consume,
You look plain nerd without it, I knew-
Fundamentally beautiful n dude!

I want no interlude,
Between us n before the view,
Even if I go sued,
If this love is asymmetric n skewed,
I’ll feel irritated and intrigued,
Even if you get rude!
Or there is III world feud,
If I really get you issued,
I’ll lose my crude n,
Turn into prude-pseud,
n have your whole reviewed,
Loved n improved,
Let my life strewed,
In the faith proved,
n with you get crewed,
Until I get imbued,
Until I get imbued…





Sips Do Fly

Gotten my dream-crush who gotta crush the dreams,
I think and know that it’s what seems,
I drink the kashay, but the sips don’t fly,
I knew why, but now I don’t try,
The only talk-it-loud that is so high,
Is- for me is for thy,
is for the ultimate why,
Yeah, including that guy me nigh,
Whence sips do fly, until we dry!
until ends the pie, we lie-
Be flip with a sigh,
Somewhere we have a Spi-tie,
That takes our SPIrits to Him n we ally,
And Sips Do Fly,
Sips Do Fly….


The General Formula

I can feel now I’m in the club,
But I want to be alone with a snub,
Wine n beer n I’m still not near,
Hard for me n what’s the  sub?
They say I am destined to meet,
The one who’ll kiss-n-greet,
‘ndsome beautiful n best sweet,
Like that snub from the nerd-world-country,
As equal n discreet,
but maybe, better..!
A prettier petter,
Setter of my meter,
beating n beater,
A Kiss-Love-Mania   perfect-dreama,
So much in love before actually Ima,
Yes, I am not saying no to drama,
n the love-life treat-n-trauma,
Maybe I’ll live live amid-after a Zama,
Maybe, with love fetter,..


I’ve been here for too long, but nah!
I still love Eklahrah, ah!
A resident alien since I was born,
It’s very fine but a bit of a corn,
From the hills-waters-valleys forlorn,
To the phase changes of high torn,
That blend from the nights to the morn,
Kid-tures of the most memory for me-
n coolest proving in the real, to we,
From the deep in to the high city,
Like an inflected li’l infected beautifying tree,
We dock in the cool-cold-calm colony,
We played in the Jungles over the pre’s,
We funned up our legs up to broken  knees,
In the sands without the seas,
Bitten by the friends and the bees,
Until we could feel the fees,
Fees was high but sweet and sly,
We will pay it until we die,
Yes it does Electrify,
Eklahra it is, like any-all high…