Fit Me, Maybe, One More Time!

So maybe, maybe,
How was I supposed to show,
That something wasn’t a bite,
Or Maybe Maybe, I shouldn’t have set you zero,
And now you are out of right, yeah
Show me how to count it to thee,
Tell me baby, ’cause I need to know now, oh because,

Thy fanliness is winning me (and I)
I must just base my fill-n-will,
When I’m not with full I lose assigned (Truth Value)
n Give me a sign,
n Fit me Maybe one more time,Oh baby, baby
The reason I breathe is u,
Toy, you got me, model,
Oh pretty same thing, but-
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do,
It’s not the way I planned it
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh because

Oh Maybe, Let’s See


Oh baby, baby how was I supposed to go-
Oh pretty steady, why shouldn’t have let u flow,
Lie out of all regress, that my key complex is feeling it high,
Don’t you know I still be free,
That you will see clear
And give me a sign
n Fit me Maybe one more time


I un-compress, that why-fondly-mess is feeling hit-wow,
Don’t you know I still conceive,
That you will be freer,
And give me a sign
Hit we Maybe one more time..!


The Drool Proofs

I know there’s sky above my roofs,
When in bed and here aloof,
Run the drool proofs,
They’re done and improve…

I feel the whole in slight  bites,
High to the floor, the night sights,
From riots to the rites,
To being infinite-alright,..

The truth gets to prove,
Less is sure to remove,
Until and After everything’d move,
To all-great-groove,..


The SPIritual viversity , I didn’t  see in my university,
Nor in the city or from the minfinity to the infinity,
I flicker-opened my see-ity, lucky n witty,
To this unseen ambiguity,
I could feel my flexterity to drink the sweetity,
The SPI-ence has an intuity mety mysticity, and is a reality,
Light flows like triviality, from the essential singular originality  to the all-divinity,
We merge in the SPI-o-diversity, Dive verve see It Hit..!

The Serene Whites…

Letters for numbers, numbers  for letters, and likes for the likes,
Cone up to the ultimate essence at the spikes,
From within the null made prima, they descend until the infinity strikes,
We’ve got to catch up, and ride the pikes!

Even if you can’t see the lights, or fear the riots,
Or cracking the code seems in the mays-n-mights,
He Craves for the shrives, with any sane fights,
May us unvolve n evolve to amen to the heights,
To the serene whites, the serene whites…


Before there was any cule or a fella,
Primordiella was the sole soul dwella,
I guess about her n tell the tale-ya,
Won’t feelya the best belle, ah?

What had the nulla that it fuella to the fulla?
Within the life well-wella?
Let’s trail me n trail-ya, with her,
Up above the ell-a,

It was the one pre-bang with will-n-zeala,
That turned into the light and all the mass stella(r),
The turns n the burns of the fire with closed micella,
Made it all close into the live life gella,

It fixed n mixed in steps to churn out the failla,
Made it from the soup-cell-multicella-to-all the phyla,
All one from one, it’s one integrella,
She ever blooms- Primordiella, Sail-la, Alla…!

You’ll be okay without me!

So many for I won’t be okay

for reasons of love,

Now I need to to say

something about you n above,

Fair flights n lovely nights,

fear of heights, n you deserve the rights,

Struggles with might,

you would spread light,

I know you still fight for me despite,

That’s like an uphill life, with the Spi-insight, n calling infinite,

Merging in my sight, light n light…




Throb Robe

If there was me one more,
I’d’ve wedded me with adore,
It’s a hard time for me n those you’s,
That I eye-rob with my throb-robe -don’t sue,
I can’t help but see you,
I might be able to more do,
With someone with same true,
Just waiting for that to come thru,
If you want just help me too,
But I still see everyone that turns-
-out lovely n causes me heart burns,
With hope n a bit without discern,
Just saying to whomsoever it may concern,
I feel the Love-Heartburn-Collider at the love CERN,
Waiting to find fun before I worn,
To Whomsoever it may concern,..