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Coatless Quotes!

I love how you aren’t  interested in me, especially when you sympathise.

Someone will love you, I am busy fantasizing!

Fantasies are the highest priority, as they are the core realities of my life!

I can’t see through you, and that’s insecure.

World has got a mastery over the mystery and it always ends well.

Are you in?

The Me Other

I want a me other,
Who’ll sweat me sweeter,
But there won’t be any matter-
‘Cause he won’t ever bother!
He feels like a brother,
that’s out of another,
even if you ain’t the me other,
you make me unrather,
leave of the choices farther,
But, what about the me other?
Findin him is so harder,
binding is no smoother,
yes brother, you no me other,
but I can’t leave you either,
The Me, the brother n the me other,
May mix together,
to love gather,
But the rain can’t cross the weather,
There are walls of mortal mortar ,
Let the Sun arise n let it get brighter,
Yeah, next is I’ll be a fighter,
As I feel alighter, held by the highter,
Let’s pull the all-righter,
The Me, The Brother and The Me Other…


You got a subconscious idea that I may be in for you,
You spread innocence and hide my love as if misunderstood,
I can turn a dude if you want me would,
I’m so fine face fine fellow like a bit crude,
Do you see anything in me good?
I would gather all me if I could,
I feel you ain’t as simple behind your hood,
Let’s see the souls to which we allude,
Let’s see the souls that love exude,
that love exude…

ForAll X!

ForAll Ex! For La-Test! ForAll Next!
I love truly, quite foolly, and yes fully,
Each one that has ruled it,
You all fine, don’t mind, you drooled me,
All the evolutions you fuelled me,
Were ecstatic that allured me,
I know you were for sure him,
who is yet to meet to have pulled me,
every love has at last puled me,
I have some pains n recovery,
and a beautiful story,
we last the realities fairy,
we aren’t as we were merely,
Waiting for the most dearly,
Until it seems over nearly,..
or maybe not, I’m no yet eighty!
Maybe my kitty is faster than me thirty!
Anyways, lets have the next round of the equilibrium Weinberg-Hardy,
Here it starts random, but ends in what best is,
Yeah, it is this simple as it absurd is,
I love sturdy, nerdy, buddy wordy,
let’s miss, kiss, without a hiss , right you heard it-
let’s miss, kiss, without a hiss, n get dirty,
fly to infinity getting birdy,
Turn the selfish love into the one for all-high-everybody,
ForAll the X, the ex, latest n next,
I text my appreciation as He’s ordered it,
n wondered it, yeah wondered it!


Out of the Pink!

Out of the Pink,
Out of the Pink,
I believe you’ll rise as does life blink,
and we’ll see each others and wink,
Life is in the pink ink,
Out of the Pink,
Out of the Pink…

I know we’ll merge and sync,
So charming the love sink,
Love’ll skate on the rink,
All when we’ll find a link,
Out of the Pink,
Out of the Pink…

I might get ready to be a DINK with you even if it cry a tink,
Just imagine if we 4 have the cheers clink,
We both know how we zinc, the soul-drink in our  prink,
Just send me that message kink, Out of the Pink!
Out of the Pink..!