Executive Crushlist!

A blushn lushn crush crushn the pashn!
It’s all about from the hvn to the cushn!
I just keep on wishn, but there ain’t a prisn,
there’s origin n evolution n winn each session,
I’ll get some cash in, and a steps win,
maybe I’ll enbin a kin, n forever pin!
within and over the we-are-n-I’m-a-zin!

I have a crush on-
I. Mathematical Logic
II. Axiomatic Set Theory and Analysis
III. Everything Mathematical, Theoretical, Computational & Artistic, in gist- the η-stuff!
IV. The Idea of Constructive Biological Theories.
V. Formalization of Theories and their Classical Expression.

“Everything is Constructible and Construction illuminates Everything!”

Hrushikesh Sunil Gore.


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