रसति रतिरञ्जनरम्यरात्रि:।
कैकरसति साह्यानेकमात्रि:।
लयति लय्यलक्ष्यलसत्प्रीधात्रि:।
ईष्टेष्येर्ष्यणात् सर्वशन्त्रि:।
सूद्रेकैकसर्वोत्रि स्वविधात्रि:।
उत्त्रि: महामादमान्त्रि:।
अत्येकत्रि: अनंतभात्रि:।

The Night

Surges with the juices, the lovely night that entertains with amour,
In the lonely, it unites,  she is the companionship selfless,
In the worthying worthy, it looses herself , the love bearer,
With the sweet, unreal, attractive she’s an illusionary technology,
That she brings what’s desired, what’s to be desired by instigation, she’s the all satisfier,
Strange with the especial and the incomplete,  the with and without,
With the One activity it pours in every-all, she’s self-souling,
Evolutionary agent, she’s the great intoxicationary engineer,
She’s intensive identifying and uniting, She’s the infinite shining…


Break up before Add Up!

If X + Y exists, it will be amazing,
That add is commutative when best,
and better if it’s the Non-Abelian fest,
The Add adds to a product n gives a great thing,
X has a soul, Y has a chest,
that’s enough for the X n Y to rest,
XY is what I’m loving,
X+Y is what’s the dearest,
Love’s been a non-complete unrest,
That’s what’s I bring,
Let me check if X hikes Y’s quest,
n that Y’ likes X’s nest,
So cautious networking,
X’s got a 0 at the west,
Y’s smart enough to fill it with its zest,
X seems quite assuming,
Y entertaining,
All this Flirtertaining,
But see it’s not always so love-tertaining,
X’s got to stop n Shut up!
“cause it’s a break up before the add up,
Like there was everything before nothing,
Yeah, it’s a moment to sad up,
It’s a Break Up Before An Add Up!

If I really, If I’ll really…

Yeah, I know I’m silly-
For the feelings that you make me feel,
I don’t know if I really,
Have a heart to love anyone real,

I so much want to love but I can’t do,
I’m selfish enough to not leave you,
I know there exists love true, in the world,
You make me forget myself and send my love born anew,

This passion is the hope for me,
I might even be so generous as you me see,
I might be so loving as I wanna be,
I want to lose in you to be forever free,

But don’t know when n how would I,
And if I’ve been n will be alone till I fly,
I love the war of life filled with many a why,
More when I know you take me more you-n-love nigh,
In me so tearly,
Will I love you n you’ll return eagerly,
If I’ll I really, If I’ll really…


What the Fun, What the Luck!
Life is real, what the F*k,
I ain’t a despo-sable one, I work,
Life’s moving, love’s stuck,
Stuck as the awestruck,
I can’t stop I just huck,
My songs are in the Kalmuck,
I’m waiting for my first fair friend-
In my love film by the love Zanuck,
Each time I decide this was the last poem-pluck,
The soul sea stays up until last the buck,
It’s Lovulose in a big truck,
What The Fun-LucK!
That I soul-all-lip-suck!
What The Fun-Luck!

Kissed Off!

When we collide by the law of mass attraction,
I find no stronger distraction,
Even if you don’t offer your face, I’m kissed off,
What an action,
I can have whole life where all the lovelies are wished off,
I wish I were too some missed off,
By you who’s  charm going my list off,
This one way passion is alive never hissed off,
Even if I’m kissed off, n you mist off,
n We twist off, you are here in my cloff,
n I like to be kissed off…
just put my held wrist off,
I feel I’m kissed off!

Coatless Quotes!

I love how you aren’t  interested in me, especially when you sympathise.

Someone will love you, I am busy fantasizing!

Fantasies are the highest priority, as they are the core realities of my life!

I can’t see through you, and that’s insecure.

World has got a mastery over the mystery and it always ends well.

Are you in?