Hack Magic!

Life stacks up with the stack logic,
But She can turn you top with Her Hack Magic,
Even if your are archael or pelagic,
Even if you are happy or sad emojic,
She is in within for any n all,
And She can shine a sum without a call,
She can make you a maker or just a direct tall, unstrategic,
Hack Magic,
The unpassagic,
The passive pick,
You nick n stick,
You don’t’ve time to click,
Just  honey lick,
It’s not quick-
It’s achronic,
So I’m ready for it so slick,
I know it’ll be true-phoric,
Hack Magic,
The Hack Magic…!







सामान्याद्विशेषा:  उपा सार्वत्रिकात्|
भवभावनं प्रविश्यत्यधिभावनं सदा च|
भावनं भावत्यात्मत्वं महता|
तस्मात् भावो भवादि ह ||

General is before the special,
Seeking General we enter into the essential,
That with the high turns to a soul,
Hence is essence before the specific,
Thus is the soulness before the less,..

बिन्द्वेका: from the unspaced

शून्ये सहजस्फूर्ताऽविस्त​ृता परा।
निरजन्योपा निर्जन्यैकमात्रा जाता सदा॥
उपजनकोपसर्वजनका सर्वबिन्दु।
मेर्वमेरुचक्रसुमेर्वलन्करा सुधा॥

From the null,  spontaneously inexpressed ultimate is produced; it doesn’t have unspontaneously producible elements (of fundamental kind or otherwise) and thus is only entity spontaneously producible from the null, which as is obvious is produced (as we exist) and is eternal (as nothing in it can unexist once produced).

It produces, by unique hierarchical expansive-expressive pattern, elements of fundamental kind and others with everything in it’s pointself singularity, the carrier out of the evolutionary cycles over the expansive-expressive pattern, to ultimately equilibrate in the bliss, which is itself.

The Pan-Spirit-Essence Free-ence

A spirit-essence the most dense,
Always is, I sense,
From our 0-prima tense,
From the infinite whence,
Before it, of it and all its thens,
The Spirit does expense,
& into infinite it commence,
Until sooner or the farthest synnence,
By the unending winning eu-currence,
With Him who creates, promotes to fence,
The singular greatest Hence…

Do I Go There..?

In the land of Eugenia et Eureignia, the heaven niche,
There has to be a meta-platinum life in the lit silent wheesh,
I face it even from within my Tees,
Do I get there, I ask bowed on the knees,
From the subs how the life frees?
How do we smile with the Divine D’s?
I wish and my soul sees,
I pray, strive, learn, unblemish,
The High nothing should miss,
It shall win until the infinite-bright-kiss,
Can it dissolve all amiss in a hiss?
In the unique tale of the post-now-&-pre’s,
All rejoice, that best-soul is…


Infinite numbers with subsets of life,
If all-infinite is rife with best that survive,
There shall be a heaven where all then dive,
But as the nature’s Limit Superior might derive-
The all-infinite could be limited, mortal or delife,
The Supreme has to compromise and try and enlife,
Even if He would stain or refrain from Sup-Right,
I hope that the LimSup shall keep good in sight,
Where might we end in an endless f-light…

This Pretty Life

What’s that lets your ego go- up petty heights,
Like something can be fixed practically about me?
I can’t but plan to follow your wrongs, with the rights,
And try to feel the petty pretty might, you see?

I feel that the passion is unified- art-god and math-sci,
Love-Sex and everything life, so we can be bound free-
Free ’cause we’re okay that we just have to try,
and Okay that we may not get it, like everybody…

I don’t know why I dream for something special,
And feel special for things very simple and wifie,
He’s got to be a maid o’ me to get laid and rule the isle,
But it’s hard to hook a duke, life is pretty lifey!

Never knew it would be that nice even if tougher,
I call it a deed and I could agree,
Just a li’l bit, on the infinite, but we still ride the rafter,
through the life phylogeny…

Thru the years, I’ve been a fire-trier-lier-dire-out-lier,
I couldn’t manage to be worse than I ever be,
Life teaches lessons and we admire,
Getting better, maybe!