Hack Magic!

Life stacks up with the stack logic,
But She can turn you top with Her Hack Magic,
Even if your are archael or pelagic,
Even if you are happy or sad emojic,
She is in within for any n all,
And She can shine a sum without a call,
She can make you a maker or just a direct tall, unstrategic,
Hack Magic,
The unpassagic,
The passive pick,
You nick n stick,
You don’t’ve time to click,
Just  honey lick,
It’s not quick-
It’s achronic,
So I’m ready for it so slick,
I know it’ll be true-phoric,
Hack Magic,
The Hack Magic…!







सामान्याद्विशेषा:  उपा सार्वत्रिकात्|
भवभावनं प्रविश्यत्यधिभावनं सदा च|
भावनं भावत्यात्मत्वं महता|
तस्मात् भावो भवादि ह ||

General is before the special,
Seeking General we enter into the essential,
That with the high turns to a soul,
Hence is essence before the specific,
Thus is the soulness before the less,..

LoveLiers Loveliers!

We look like the seers one admires,
We are the Loveliers and the LoveLiers,
But we’re clears connected with wires,
We know She steers and affires,
Makes us dears and diers,
-both free-ers and its why-ers,
We through the tears to the high-tiers,
Within the heres and the highers,
We take years to turn from skiers to the sky-ers,
But the peak appears that each one desires,
Love truly nears when we’re Her nigh-ers,
It’s with discrete gears that run into glowing gyres,
Smooth steps within the mystery-ers with the lit priors,
We’ll truly be the peers and fly-ers,
Seers like our attires,
The Loveliers from the liers…
The Loveliers, the Loveliers…

PS: My He!

I don’t want to insult my previous poem,
But you’re such sweet system,
That I can’t have my esteem,
Yes the last line was a funky rhyme,
Like your hair dispersing the light beam,
Want you be a full fair freestem,
I don’t dream, I don’t feast him,
I just try my best to get slim,
Love leaves away like a sup lim,
I wish you don’t ever change your sim,
even if I won’t call you at any whim,
You are my him,
The My He, the my him,
I feel  I’m sort of a son-crim,
When I feel’im in a film,
Tell I will’im,  the high hill’im, the l’il’im?
What he’s guessed by my meme,
He’s my him, See the my he,
The my him…!


The Most Eligible, B-I-tchler!

No, not most eligible, we’re right,
Not even that bitchy, but I  might -do it,
Just to prove it,
What guys guessed and girls did fright,
Anyways, no one cares what I say,
and why tell what’s bright like a day,
If you aren’t sure, n there’s a may,
Here’s the down lay n yes, you can stay,
It feels like being  a just lightning,
You are nothing but then there’s everything,
All the flings that sting,
All the rings that ping- in the fantasies,
With the real n simple complexities,
The dark dudes n the whites witties,
Yeah, we all love kitties,
But not everyone gets to the nitty-gritties, not most of”em,
who are same,
n whom I can claim,
That’s the toughest game,
That I with came,
But I don’t mind, it all does stem- from me n ends in me stellar,
The most eligible B-I-tchler,
Did you realize what I tried to snitch here,
You know now how you witch me dear,
The most eligible B-I-tchler,

Yes, just a little less bitchy please,..!

Ethereal, Is This Real?

I need something supernatural to be,
We need, world needs a something that one can’t see,
No it’s not platonic, it’s a out-of-the-real pick, a real kick,
It makes the whole world flick into Is and be This Real, it’s a key,
It’s all Ethereal, Is This Real? Is This Real!
What’s that made of, can you feel?
I’m so used to bricks n steel,
It comes un-domly that I can’t with deal,
It is so ex-ed out zeal out of the world seal,
Everything it Is before This Real,
Ethereal, Is This Real? Is This Real!
I know there’s much in the life to pick up the heels,
But Is This the Real Steal?
It’s Ethereal! It’s Ethereal!!!

The Total

The Total is what always tends to the highest,
No matter how you give n how you ingest,
All misses are burnt by the kisses,
It’s eventually an excess whatever you possess- right now,
I feel so evacuated by idea of removing you,
But the stars say I’ll have love lovely too,
So it’ll be someone else, let me be a white whole,
To self you, n live the higher-bol-e, see how?
Spell the world with our synecdotal anecdote,
Drink the selfness poison till it turns antidote,
Fear forgetting us after we are one with the Self,
But origins will be origins, n we’ll each be a personalized full-elf, within one wow,
Within the One Wow!!!!