Purano O Kkhoto Amar…


“Purano o kkhoto amar sukhailo ekhon,
Roddurer o tap je purailo e mon,
Jabo ami jei deshe, katbo jibon,
Dukhe lipto praner prem ki pabo emon?”


“Older that scar has dried by now,
Intense those rays have burnt it up all,
Love of a soul submerged in pain-
Whereever I go & live, would I get at all?”


“To  junasa ghava ata valala ni sampala,
Tikshna kiranani manala  jalale je sarva hya,
Magna du:khi pran jo, prem tyache  shodhata-
Jauni jethe kuthe maja prem  te milel ka?”


Thy Touch Speaks More…

“Thy touch speaks more,
More than poetry &  more than prose,
Waves rise ashore,
When your fingers mingle with rose,
Thy touch speaks more…

The concurrent eyes that claim on my heart,
May they come afore,
With dreams of passion of a tender start,
That I adore,
Thy touch speaks more,
Thy touch speaks more…”





I Dive Because It’s Deep…

“I dive beacuse it’s deep,
For the want of love I leap,
Beyond the blurred fog
I reap, no, I just hog,
When senses grow & elate,
& to the elegant they summate-
For the want of love I leap,
I dive because it’s deep
I dive because it’s deep….”




Hey The Undrunk Sips…

Hey the undrunk sips,

Below my lame lips,

Lies a thirsty tongue,

Songs of wants who’s sung,

As the moment drips,

Hey the undrunk sips….

Close my eyes a bit tighter,

Feel the breaths a bit lighter,

Arrive  before He rips-

My soul out by whips,

Hey the undrunk sips…

Hey the undrunk sips…

Alone I’ve Been…

 Miles I travelled without your see,
How could I survive , How could I be?
Closed my eyes now, yearning for the glee,
Pained, Hurt, hopeless, destined me…

Tearful eyes & immanent dreams,
I listen to the silence & it’s all serene,
With my soul in my hands, with wordless screams,
I have been alone, alone I’ve been…