Talachura, The Cockroach!

 There have been many for flowers, the rains, the mountains & the alike…inspired from the “smelly cat” (Phoebe), this one is for the dear Talachura, The Cockroach, in my room…

O amar talachura koto tor boyos?
Nongra theke baire ay, amar sathe bos,
Valo tui  ki basis o upurer tik-tiki?
Jani ami, tor bondhu, lojja korar ki?

Bolbo oke, dekhbo toke korte valo bie,
Asbo ami tor jonno ki gift nie?
Kolpona holo onek valo, ekhon korish tui kaaj-
Deber moto propose korish tik-tiki ke aaj!

Good Luck dear Talachura!

Suvo…Priyaanka…Raja…bacchaa (ra) ki rokom hobe re???

🙂  😀  🙂


O my cockroach, what’s your age?
Come out of that dirt & sit with me,
Do you like that wall lizard, do you want to engage?
I know, nothing to hide, your friend I be,

Telling her “ll see you do a good marriage,
What gift shall I be bringing just for thee?
Thoughts have been darned good, go ahead now-
Propose her like Dev today, you see!

Goodluck dear Cockroach!
Suvo…Priyaanka…Raja….How would be the child (children?) then…?

🙂  😀  🙂  !


Zig-Zag Life!

You’ll swirl & you’ll roll,
You may reach a tangling, droll, 
Can’t you fix it even with a knife?
It’s just might  be a zig-zag life!

Open your eyes & walk with a style,
Don’t you fear this snarly mile,
You’ll enjoy it’s just catchy, rife,
Move you mingling with the zig-zag life!