Peyechhi Tomay…


Peyechhi tomay, mone amar,
Buker chorom akamper pashe,
Khoner majhe lupto tomake,
Peyechhi abar amar shase,

Ei gae tumi soman,
Bolchhe hridoy nam tomar,
Peyechhi nobhe, alo te, tomay,
Obhinno tomake peyechhi abar,



Found you in my mind, Within the chest-
Near the thrill, the thrill extreme,
To thee who vanished in a moment,
Found you again in my breath stream,

You are equal in this body,
My heart sings your name,
Found you in sky, in light,
Found you again, found you same…

Abstract:- The character expresses how inseparable his love is from him, & tells how he finds his love everywhere within & outside.

My dear friend Ankita Majumder helped me improve the bangla version of the poem & I, thus, thank her for this.

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Sindoorer lali kheye hoegechhe laal rokto ,
Or protyekta ful,
Oder udorer majhe achhe ekta rotir gondho,
Jar moddhye leen or mon ar gatro,
mugdho  o, chay kar gaye mile barte, khujte alo..?
-Ami jani, kintu jane ki o?
Ami jani, kintu jane ki o..?

Vije achhe chander kironer moddhye,
Ar ratri ei gaye diye cholchhe or swas or swaser  mondro ganer sathe,
ganer majhe,
Milemishe ache o ra ei kshon,
ar ei joler dhara-
je oder mukhe pathay joler tripti,
Swapno dekhchhe o ei, sudhu swapno…
je sue ache o or kache, or snigdho ushma te,
or alingoner bhitore-
je ta hoy or moner nijer bari…

Ei  amar lotika…



The Vine…

Drinking the red of sindoor has emerged red-scarlet,
her each floret,
Theirs within lie a fragrance of amorous bliss,
In which dissolved be her mind & body,
Lost her, wants to grow merging with whose body, to find light..?
Knows me, but does he?
Knows me, but does he..?

The vine,
Wet in the lunar rays she is,
& her breaths come in & depart along the song of his breaths, pleasant & low,
along them, within them,

Merged & coalesced they are at the moment,
& this water stream-
which sends to their mouths,
satisfaction of water,
She is dreaming this, just dreaming…
That she’s sleeping with him,
In his affectionate warmth,
within his embrace-
Which be her mind’s own abode…

This my vine…



Kunkwachyi lali piun houngelay lal-rakta,
ticha pratyek ful,
Tynachya udaranmaddhye ahe ek raticha gandha,
Jyat leen ticha man ani gatra,
Ichhite wadhu konachya dehat misaloon, prakash shodhayla..?
Janato mi, pan kay to janato..?

Bhijalelie chandrachya kirananmaddhye,
Panghrun hi ratra chaltaet tiche shwas, tyachya shwasanchya mandra geeta saha,
geeta maddhye,
Misal-lele ahet te ya kshani,
ani hi jaladhara-
ji pathawtey tyanchya mukhi,
jalachi trupti,
swapna pahtey ti he, fakta swapna,
Ki ti nijlie tyachya jawal, tyachyakade,
tyachya snigdha ushmyat,
tyachya alinganat-
Je ahe tichya manacha swata:cha ghar…

Hich majhi latika…


Abstract:- Poet imagines  a vine, a vine lost in love & dissolved in affection  for someone. He wonders whether or not, her object of affection, the one she wishes to grow merging with to search light, is aware of her feelings. The following stanza talks about her amorous dream & reveals that her mind resides nowhere else but in her love’s dear embrace.

Acknowledgements:- My dear friends Raja Dey Sarkar & Subhabrata Datta helped me  check & edit the Bangla version of this poem & I am, thus, very thankful to them.



Kothao tui jabi na, kothao koda harabi na,
Tui thakbi nirontor- amar antormone,
Ei amar biswas, ei amar cheshta,
Ei amar sukho-du:kho ei jibone…


Nowhere shall go, nowhere never be lost,
In my thought- forever shall you dwell,
This is what I believe, this is what I attempt,
This is my joy & pain as well…

Talachura, The Cockroach!

 There have been many for flowers, the rains, the mountains & the alike…inspired from the “smelly cat” (Phoebe), this one is for the dear Talachura, The Cockroach, in my room…

O amar talachura koto tor boyos?
Nongra theke baire ay, amar sathe bos,
Valo tui  ki basis o upurer tik-tiki?
Jani ami, tor bondhu, lojja korar ki?

Bolbo oke, dekhbo toke korte valo bie,
Asbo ami tor jonno ki gift nie?
Kolpona holo onek valo, ekhon korish tui kaaj-
Deber moto propose korish tik-tiki ke aaj!

Good Luck dear Talachura!

Suvo…Priyaanka…Raja…bacchaa (ra) ki rokom hobe re???

🙂  😀  🙂


O my cockroach, what’s your age?
Come out of that dirt & sit with me,
Do you like that wall lizard, do you want to engage?
I know, nothing to hide, your friend I be,

Telling her “ll see you do a good marriage,
What gift shall I be bringing just for thee?
Thoughts have been darned good, go ahead now-
Propose her like Dev today, you see!

Goodluck dear Cockroach!
Suvo…Priyaanka…Raja….How would be the child (children?) then…?

🙂  😀  🙂  !

Purano O Kkhoto Amar…


“Purano o kkhoto amar sukhailo ekhon,
Roddurer o tap je purailo e mon,
Jabo ami jei deshe, katbo jibon,
Dukhe lipto praner prem ki pabo emon?”


“Older that scar has dried by now,
Intense those rays have burnt it up all,
Love of a soul submerged in pain-
Whereever I go & live, would I get at all?”


“To  junasa ghava ata valala ni sampala,
Tikshna kiranani manala  jalale je sarva hya,
Magna du:khi pran jo, prem tyache  shodhata-
Jauni jethe kuthe maja prem  te milel ka?”