The Colors of the Fall!

I write a new verse, I write a new verse,
Everyday I want to converse,
I fell fall n will, in these colors of the fall,
This fall of love,
Has put me above,
It’s getting so cool n hot,
I try or not,
Flowers look faint, with scent,
By your bright magic lent,
We ascent as if we’re meant-
To live n give, maybe be one,
Under the Sun, on each turn,
n I know this fall shall never end,
As it began with the big bang – before we could comprehend,
Fall I fall, wait for you to appear thru the wall,
Nothing can stall if it’s Her call,
The Colors of the Fall,
The Colors of the Fall,..


Everything is Evolution

Everything is Evolution,
Everything in Life Wakes Presence Only in the Night of Evolution,
Everything in Life Takes Essence Only in the Bright of Evolution,
Everything in Life Makes Sense Only in the Light of Evolution,
Everything in Life Breaks Immense Only in the Flight of Evolution,
Everything in Life Treks Crescents Only in the Height of Evolution,
Everything in Life Wrecks Intense Only in the Might of Evolution,
Everything in Life  Pecks Affluence Only in the Infinite of Evolution,…
Everything is Evolution…
Yeah, All Philosophy,
Now Philophily:
It’s never late n never early,

Every Ring in Life Stakes Defence Only in the Heart of Frivolution,
The Frivolution gets a Revolution to fix as the Lovelution,
The Partial Difference-ial Quick-quations might turn into fission n fusion,
Yeah, Always fusion- as we integrate into a Soulution,
With a rose smelled elution.
Got so Astitution,
We can make our Synstitution,
Within the blissolution,
The Winstitution,
Lose in Spiritualution,
Everything is Evolution, Every Zing in Life Becks Freence Only in the Rite of Nectrilution, Everything in Life Decks Elegance Only in the White of  Gleevolution,..
:D’s! Bliss!! Peace!!!

बिन्द्वेका: from the unspaced

शून्ये सहजस्फूर्ताऽविस्त​ृता परा।
निरजन्योपा निर्जन्यैकमात्रा जाता सदा॥
उपजनकोपसर्वजनका सर्वबिन्दु।
मेर्वमेरुचक्रसुमेर्वलन्करा सुधा॥

From the null,  spontaneously inexpressed ultimate is produced; it doesn’t have unspontaneously producible elements (of fundamental kind or otherwise) and thus is only entity spontaneously producible from the null, which as is obvious is produced (as we exist) and is eternal (as nothing in it can unexist once produced).

It produces, by unique hierarchical expansive-expressive pattern, elements of fundamental kind and others with everything in it’s pointself singularity, the carrier out of the evolutionary cycles over the expansive-expressive pattern, to ultimately equilibrate in the bliss, which is itself.


Audio Here:

Ions, cell-lines & Millions of eons,
and we got the life we’ve seen as,
We need to get that everything is in alliance,
Nothing defy those- the rulin’ s of L’IBios!

Hey kid it’s natural to you,
We feel but never say we do,
That it’s a nano, mili and mega thru,
An essential trios, combinin’ to L’IBios,

Time to get that it’s never simple and small,
It’ll take more RAMs and Hertz than you can call,
Life here crams  and blurts info that you can try-
To nose, the vast IBios, L’IBios,..

Muscles n the myos, close the Cori’s arrows,
via Livers and the Glia never mind sending some kinda goals,
To’em n’ll, in a jungle, amid a parasitic triangle,
That is a phylogenetic cringle, it flows, L’IBios, L’IBios…

Forget the Riemann and Lebesgue, n no offence,
We need Freeman and La’Best Integration, friends,
From axioms, magnesiums and the museums, of-
of every logos, the floss homologs of L’IBios,

L’IBios, the Integrative Biology,
It’s all over the Life Tree,
And over me, over thee,
We gotta get the key,
To unlock the treats,
We here arouse, to L’IBios,

Ho Up!

Audio Here:

Singing on the way to my room,
Feels like flying on a broom,
I’ll be alright I assume,
Even If it’s a new game!
The answers main,
Are all the same,
God does lift up-
and never do He blame,
We just need to hit high,
from Six to the Sex a.m.!

I miss  my friends’ calls,
Sleep while I surf to the food stalls,
Silent but live, like the van der Waals’,
My passions run Even If I falls,

More from whatever, is what I favor,
If you ain’t that clever, you can still be the King-
As much as  you can up-fling, for the infinite and unending!

Can’t we recognise that we forgot the spaces,
Between our souls and the faces,
Do we graduate with the graces-
Bad abases and we all aces,
Even If it were random everywhere,
We’ll sure win, if we always stay!

What else after everything?
We put on repeat and with we sing-
The music of the final show,
The eternal all-glow,
Covers from high to low,
We still have parties to throw,
Even If, we scored 100, we know,
Numbers go above each brow,

Even If we hated, regretted, loved and mated,
All will be Even Iff we fly full rated,
So, Ho up to the High,
Even If, you didn’t know if-how-why!
Ho Up to the High!!!




I move in motion,
With moving emotion,
N I reach the station,
Where I touch a charge,

That charge be silver,
Golden or white,
Drawing in the sight,
That I have,

I have a session,
Of awe , appreciation,
It’s my soul’s, emancipation,
It’s so awful-
It’s Feelectrification,
It’s so awesome,
The Feelectrification…

Abstract:- Feelectrification: (noun) Electrification with a ‘feel’.