“Just a unit of existence I be or be than that more,
I bear in my spirit what & what I do hold in my core,
Attempt to attain the higher I make & also to allay my soul,
As I surf along the dimensions- may it succeed I end before…”

Hrushikesh Sunil Gore,


8 comments on “About

  1. Rajarshi Ball says:

    Ki diccho Guru…

  2. Arkadeep says:

    kya bhai tum poet ban gaye

  3. creatioblog says:

    🙂 han to bondhu…hoe jae e rokom kobe kobe…

  4. aditeejoshi says:

    Hi Hrushikesh,

    Your poems are wonderful. Keep it up! and all the best for your future

  5. Hi there , Thanks very much for following my blog. You have a great blog. Thanks for your posts .

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