The General Formula

I can feel now I’m in the club,
But I want to be alone with a snub,
Wine n beer n I’m still not near,
Hard for me n what’s the  sub?
They say I am destined to meet,
The one who’ll kiss-n-greet,
‘ndsome beautiful n best sweet,
Like that snub from the nerd-world-country,
As equal n discreet,
but maybe, better..!
A prettier petter,
Setter of my meter,
beating n beater,
A Kiss-Love-Mania   perfect-dreama,
So much in love before actually Ima,
Yes, I am not saying no to drama,
n the love-life treat-n-trauma,
Maybe I’ll live live amid-after a Zama,
Maybe, with love fetter,..


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