I’ve been here for too long, but nah!
I still love Eklahrah, ah!
A resident alien since I was born,
It’s very fine but a bit of a corn,
From the hills-waters-valleys forlorn,
To the phase changes of high torn,
That blend from the nights to the morn,
Kid-tures of the most memory for me-
n coolest proving in the real, to we,
From the deep in to the high city,
Like an inflected li’l infected beautifying tree,
We dock in the cool-cold-calm colony,
We played in the Jungles over the pre’s,
We funned up our legs up to broken  knees,
In the sands without the seas,
Bitten by the friends and the bees,
Until we could feel the fees,
Fees was high but sweet and sly,
We will pay it until we die,
Yes it does Electrify,
Eklahra it is, like any-all high…


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