Nay-Yes-sian Statistics

It’s hard to add the variance and not get one!
It’s true that I shall get the one on the run,
Even if the variance above is the proportion of variation,
You got it right, ain’t the life fun?!

There are May’s, Nay’s and a few Yeah’s n Yays,
But I indulge in the Nay’s the very charming May’s,
They are so honest they come all my ways,
I’m still searching what pays, stays and me, fays…

The lower fairy tales are still undone and worn at this 30th turn,
I churn under the happy Sun, can’t even cry as I want done,
Is this what we call the nice times for so-no reason?
The Bayes’ Stats is far better than with this irritation!

I know I’ve got a lot to feel better and high,
But it’s not easy  always, why?
When I want to be true, I lie,
Still, it’s better to live than die!

Stat-ifying the Nay’s has been there for years n days,
From the depths of the Earth to the bays,
It’s an electrifying emotion that plays-
When bright unites with the black for the ays…


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