To Be & What to Be

Even if I got some B’s, I feel I have the keys,
Now as I’m in 30’s, the No-more-Flirties,
the no-time-for-starties,
I still haven’t got those C’s,
That I need for the salaries,
Dear can’t you just see?
I know that I got to be and what to be..!

The passion is in the next phase, in the euphemese,
For research, love and what life is,
I still wear jeans and the T’s,
and lick icecreams, like bees,
and fall on knees for the old D’s-
Evolved into the new-be’s,
In the meta-modern here’s,
I revise what I assert is,
Maybe I get into the universities,
In the zone and the top-cities,
From the free to all we’ll see,
I know I got to be & what to be..!

From the witties to the nitty-gritties,
From the Ivies to the fees,
Over the seas, see’s and cheese,
I dreamt to let myself on lease,
To the best and the best it stears… of me,
So come the lessier and the lessee,
We got to be and know what to be..!





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