You Wanna PhD

I miss American Dream since I has anywhere-green,
Don’t matter if I step on the win,
Or sneak away into the Willy-Jeans,
They still fonda put fixtures of tales
Fairier in my mind-within,
You wanna PhD?
You wanna PhD

I’m PI’s needy o’karma,
Another day another drama,
Guess I can’t see no harm
In working and being a mama,
And with a grad on my arm
I’m still an exception
And you wanna PhD?

I’m Hisses of SciStyle of pitch and focus,
(You want a PhD)
I’m Kisses of Oh my God that shiny paper,
(You want a PhD)
I’m Wishes for Extra-T’kstra-What’s not in?
(You want a PhD)
I’m cliché’s are these, are-not,Everything,
(You wanna PhD)

I’m bliss ‘You want to miss of me’,
Tryin’ and pissin’ me off,
Well get me wine with paperazzi
Who’s just flippin us all-
Hopin’ I’ll re-smart him to just-n-ad hoc, And blend up all’em in a flight and airport,
Now are you sure you want a PhD?
Cam misses ‘Most likely to set won the CV for getting into Ivies’,
When getting the groceries, Go for deal,
Far true leading me,
No wonder there’s planning in the industry,
I win please,

Do you want a PhD..?


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