Panenlight, Panenliven|

Ther arenot an evil, shall not be any,
leften to ruin the cosmo, euarcheugeny,
Carry world some for true, for it is not silent,
It should reign with rays, of white for the years many,

They bad would fade away, as they can’t but kill and die,
They good shall beover ’em, for they can nullify,
All that gave good are good, bad those gave bad, falses,
We hope that this truth shall be true that all unner clarify,

Ther arenot an evil, Ther arenot an evil,
Ajjustent is the light, Ajjustent is the light,

Note:- This verse is an attempt to archaestylize modern English at the level of meaning and language. Maybe one day I shall actually verify their stylostatistics.


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