Universal Selection II: Complete is Positive

With back reference to my Universal Tele0logy post asserting the tautology of basal teleology in any system, I have a new extension here:
Standard Teleology of Complete Net Fitness
The Complete net fitness of every finalist Origin(Innovation)-Evaluation-Outcome sub-atom and its atoms and higher combinations systems is essentially positive.
Complete Net Fitness is, for all systems, teleological in evolutionary-i time and the physical time.

The complete net fitness- Net Fitness including and sensing that of itself and its descendants i.e. its up to infinity or life or length post-genealogy, given by combination of its positive, neutral and negative components.
Zero and negative final fitness systems are by definition those that can never exist, while positives can in all senses of their name.
Thus positivity of Complete net fitness grants positivity of each and all of its components intra-sub-atomic-Innovation, Evaluation and Outcome and inter-sub-atomic.
It is notable that this adds Innovation units to the basal teleological evaluation and outcome ones by involving complete net fitness rather than restricted individual fitness. The infinite genealogy purifies the system for complete fitness for all finalists are positive in all its components while the negative ones (e.g. potentially negative sub-atoms or units) are eliminated by definition.
Potential innovation along with evaluation and outcome is purified as per complete-net-fitness minimum criterion (which is always positive by basal teleology) for the Complete Net Fitness of the system at all i-levels to prove the theorem for evolutionary-i time and thus the physical time of any length defining the Complete Net Fitness.


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