Analyse (into) An Issue Task: 6/6

It was so clear,
I had no fear,
To jump and steer-,
Ahead with the dear,
But here it does disappear,
In the high gear,
My mind is in smear,
Put under the ear,
With eyes so clear,
I knew I was clear,
But, now I’m near,
‘Let it be!’ with beer,
It’s not done mere,
I need still to hear,
The whole of it here,
I hope I don’t rear,
Something creepier,
Than what it bear,
It’s all my career,
I feel like a Lear,
I want be free-er,
Like my thoughts do sear,
Appear the higher,
Than what was, superior,
With a solvent of the seer,
I feel luckier,
Hey look here,
Hey, Look Here,
Of the high a querier,
Of the high a querier…


One comment on “Analyse (into) An Issue Task: 6/6

  1. Sunil Gore says:

    I can feel you are happier
    N’ your thoughts so clear
    My world became super
    Oh! my Dear!!!!

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