The Gorrole of Paper-types

Famous et al 2016, Stature Vol. X, Issue Y, pZ-O, The I-can’t-even-imagine-it-sized and what-that-actually-is-for-an-EEBian-named molecule possibly interferes ( oh is it worth it, then?) with the Another-acronymously-named pathway in So-famous-bandwagon-cell-line via interaction with I-can’t-repeat-it-again-abriviatedly-named protein with the complex structure determined at unthinkably-small-resolution.
( Does this small stuff make any difference?
Yes, I know you are the best!)

Rising Star, Senior PI et al 2016, Skyince Vol. XI, Issue Y, pZ-O, Some-PI-rectified-exposed-in-the-paper-type-title!
(Good going Rising Star!)

Some-Struggling-PI un-et al.2015 (has to brag for long per paper!) Journal of (I know, you have hard time publishing in the above two)-kinda -logy Vol XII, issue 13, p-23-27, The population genetical model with what-that-actually-is-even-for-an-EEBian-named phenomenon and one-more-such phenomenon.
(We’ll surely interpret the results to give your genuine work some meaning and have a big picture clear, thanks).

MacFreak, MacLess and Mix and many many many more et al 2016, Journal of Computational Freakomix, Vol. II, issue 67, p-1-101.The complete some-novel-OME of some-model-organism
with identified elements and key components.
(Thanks for the very long and futuristic discussion the grand PI’s!)

Green et al, some-why-do-people-spend-on-wild-?-inducing-for-a-WetLabitarian-type-journal, Vol XII, issue 90, p-24-34. just-“The trees are very beautiful”-type-message-bearing-paper-title.
(Seriously, stay away from the wild, safe!)

Very-Senior-I-Love-His-Books-and-Papers-type Authour(s), Proceedings of the Royal Society of The Bigs, Vol XXII, Issue 10, p-24-44. Formalized Ethics Deserve Clarification of its Fundamental Axiomatic Framework.
(Wow, thanks, keep going…)

Heart et al, 2001, Vol II issue 123 p-08-23, Electrophysiology of XYZ-ile nerve bundles and relevant plexuses in over-used-model-organism and its putative underlying mechanisms.
(Whoa, how did you make that out? Clever! But…don’t kill’em…)

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