A ”tao”- leap!

I was at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the Cambridge University, UK this last week and I have had some great time with all the mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and biologists. As a biology graduate, I had tough moments at INI, but these were worth it- I filled many pages of my notebook with some ‘insights’ available and some ‘excites’ that I ran into. I got a great chance to share my work on a poster and ask great researchers to have a look at it. I also had a few new made friends finish reading the poster at their earliest and I am grateful to them all. All this effort was trying to device feasible simulation methods for stochastic dynamical systems in biology, which was a great complementary skill for someone who wants to enter theoretical evolutionary biology research like me. I indeed met biologists whom I fancied as celebrities and made good friends with their graduate students. The food was quite great and I love the UK for the same. I also ventured into the Cambridge University Press bookshop and got something out of it. We had the conference dinner at the Trinity College in a classic candle-lit olden hall. That was a lot of fun, I know, and I am in for more (funded) fun, if possible.
If you would like to see my poster, I will soon upload it.


Hrushikesh Sunil Gore,
Cambridge, UK.


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