I Love iLife!

What’s so imaginary about the complex,
What’s so complex about the imaginary,
Can’t the nature’s just reflex,
Cook an anumeric i-curry?
Filled with life and all that unreality,
Still just unified, with all real facility,
I look for the iLife with all my vigility,
I look for the iLife with all my vigility…

Here, we need to look at the space of possible life form types (L-space). It certainly is non-empty. I aim to define ‘vivacity’ as the absolute abstract measure of intensity and nature of ‘life’ over this space which might function as the essence of that life form type. The set of vivacity may or may not be completely ordered. But it definitely has a real valued component which is completely ordered.We may order the  L-space based on the possible net order of vivacity, which seems to be a final and ultimate order of L-space. What we are seeking is to find a life corresponding to complex-valued vivacity, the iLife.
Going parallel to the discovery of complex numbers, we may be able in some cases to proceed by defining multiplication operation as reproduction between life forms belonging to certain vivacities. Such an algebra was developed many years back in an MIT thesis here. I then try defining types of multiplication based on net tropism of the products to positive reals, negative reals, complex numbers or zero.
Now characterizing the multiplications, I want to find their tropismic tendencies. Their out-puts depend on the inter-scale vectors contributed by each parent- by this I mean the ‘displacement’ due to each parent in the position of the output within the real-complex vivacity space; it may include magnitude if order is valid or just tropism.  If we could show that there are complex tropic vectors possible, and that they can be stable ( non-compensated by other vectors in a multiplication) , we are done.
This is because we could show that from some parents , with complex or real vivacity, it is possible to create complex vivacious organisms.
Alternatively we could reverse this to show that some offspring comes from some complex vivacious parent.
But I’m still in search of proof of any of the above type.
A few posts back, I wrote about possibility of complex valued reality. A complex valued life then, would seem to be a physically complex iLife. But we are essentially in search for biologically and ultimately complex/imaginary life, which is how we define iLife.
I shall update this article if I find a proof.




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