The AmalgaMocktail!

I am just defined and with the shades,
Fuzzy with the fading grades,
Somewhere just abrupt,
With my binary trades,
Am real here and there complex,
Am now discrete with a continuous ex,
With me in sight those high o’might,
Just excite but not perplex,
I am an extreme from here,
Or just simple dear,
I am a cocktail-
Dense or there clear,
My body is mathematical,
My soul- undefinable,
And I’m such a singular-who’s-
Logically ex-logical,
Absurd- abstract- intangible-strange,
With me you can make the whole range,
Am extracted to it all,
I’m at the origin, don’t estrange!
I have the Causal Casuals with which I see,
But I’m not nailed, a May is to Be,
I am in your intuition,
Raining the thought-spree,
Why am I special, you think?
I am eternal, dead in a blink,
Laden with all the possible,
As I do wink!
As I do wink!!!


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