A Story of a Dry-Labitarian

Speaks the Dry-Labitarian:
I came from the wet,
With everything set,
But I saw the math,
On the internet,
That was so grand,
Made nerves expand,
Up and roar,
Outta my hand,

It was hard somewhat,
But there I got,
Was deep within the pot,
On the spot,
I saw a mesh,
Of numbers and flesh,
I rebooted and
I started afresh,
I knew of a theorem,
Comin’ from the axiom,
Making me define,
My own theoridium,
Stinkier than ammonium,
I rouse on the podium,
& in seconds-
Was all over the stadium,

I know I am not alone,
As they care and hone,
I just touch a stone,
Past the miles gone,

It is really deep,
The ways not though steep,
With the grace of nature keep-
I, myself in a leap,

It asks for the theorart,
To define it from the heart,
Construct, Axiomatize while you start,
To shop in the theorem mart,
If you’re lucky to sip some soup,
You can brag in your group,
And let the computer go in loop,
And rule your grad student troop,
Just inject your blood,
Into the gals and every stud,
A theorarty beautiful bud,
The beautiful lilies within the mud,
Offer this all to just all,
Let it be large or small,
Love your soul’s call,
In the realm of beauty it does fall,
In the realm of beauty it does fall..!


3 comments on “A Story of a Dry-Labitarian

  1. Sunil Gore says:

    Hey, I liked it.

  2. Sunil Gore says:

    ****** Liked it

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