The Causal Casuals

I walk straight, right and closed,
With all tied, juxtaposed,
Everything as supposed,
The truths and the actuals,
the causal casuals,
I wear the causal casuals,

You don’t me doubt,
I’m in or out,
You win and shout,
I’m the fav of intellectuals,
With the causal casuals,

You can make a curve,
As I deserve,
and I serve, you-
as you tame the factuals,
Wear the causal casuals,
The Causal Casuals…

You can determine,
All of mine,
Hidden behind,
The sign- of equal,
and the causal casuals,
I’m within anything tactual,
Nothing so dual,
or artifactual,
of the reals, the usuals,
With the causal casuals,
I’m with
the Causal Casuals…


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