The Third Set

This is the final set of verses for T’SES :-

कल्पविश्वस्वराक्षरचन्द्रोद्बिंदुसमाभासाम् ।
सर्वविशेषसम्पूर्णा यत् सुस्पृही वान्छत्येव ताम्॥७॥

असरला सरला चैव, अजडा जडचारिणी।
अपूर्णा पूर्णिता चैव सदोऽत्तत्त्वसंचारिणी॥८॥

उद्रेखारेखना नित्या उन्नृत्यनर्तिका च सा।
सोऽदाशोऽद्धा परमालयमग्नभिन्नोन्मार्गसूद्विशा॥
पृष्ठोत्कीर्णा उज्जपा उत्सद्रूपा उत्क्रीया।
उच्छक्ता उद्गमा सा वै उद्रागप्रेरिका उषा।
अनंतव्योमविकासिनी सा सुसारा सुखदस्पृशा॥९॥

उच्चारुचैतन्यचर्वणा चार्वोद्रश्मिरसा सुधा।
वर्णचिन्हचर्चिता-वर्णिता याऽगाधगल्भ-सुहृदा॥१०॥


Of the world of fantasies, an epitope;
Special in every aspect, complete, thus desired by sane systems.7.

Non-linear, Linear, stagnant and motile,
Incomplete and made complete as well, always following the evolutionary principle.8.

Carving rising lines, eternal, dancing so high, She;
With hope for good, bearing the ‘high’,  playing in the ultimate house ( ~ the house of infinities) – entered into a ‘different’ growth path in a good high-
Risen from the base, chanting ‘high’,  of the good rising form, performing evolutionary deeds,
Evolvable, Evolving, Inductor of evolution, a dawn,
Evolving in Infinite Fitness Space, of good gist, She, Of a joy-giving touch.9.

Iterating a beautiful high consciousness, of an adorable high ray-like essence, honey;
Described here in the semantics and syntax, an ever-bold dear friend…10.



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