T’SES Conjugate

Following is an addition to the The Suvadita Evolutionary Syndrome (T’SES) that I posted a few posts back,-

प्रपंचरम्या कवितागम्या उदुह्लासविवेकिता।


आर्द्रा सांद्रा सुकरसौम्या पुष्पपंक्तिकुटुंबका।
मिल्लोन्मग्नेऽति संवेद अभ्रमितस्वनिश्चिता॥६॥


Of adorable routine, lyrically attainable and comprehensible through verse, bestowed with rising joy and conscience,
Replicated multiply by means of miscellaneous tries.4.

Yearning for white light and composed of shining particles, an ever surging vine,
Unified with all allies approaching from all dimensions.5.

Humid, Dim, facilitating soft, with an array of petals as her family,
This is of her, know, the one busy rising and  indilemmatic, auspiciously uncertain (eustochastic).6.



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