the सुवदिता evolutionary syndrome( T’SES)

The definition of the syndrome:- It is the unpredictably positive dynamics of an evolving system! This is versed as below:-

उग्रा क्लिष्टा प्रचुरसहजा ऊर्ध्वमार्गसचेतना।
उद्गाऽपूर्वघटका या, या शमिता या कणसंयुता॥१॥

या भिन्ना भिन्नपूर्वजास्वभिन्नैकैकपूर्वजात्।
स्मरसामान्यचलना, समानत्वात्तु भिन्नता॥२॥

पूर्णा पूर्णत्वगामिनी शांतोत्साहसुगदिता।
सा प्रणाली सुसुंदरी मोहक्षमा सुवदिता ॥३॥

She, who is,
Highly Active, Complex, Easy-success-copious, Fitness-Peak-knower;
Progressive, of astonishing components,  satisfied, a system of components.1.

“Different” ( ex-non-chaotic .i.e. chaotic), from “different” causal mechanisms, identical for same causal mechanisms,
Apparently simple-dynamical, different even if similar.2.

Complete, teleological, vibrant with calm zest,
That system, a good beauty, able to lure, is the one well-told!.3.

Mathematical Formalizations of the syndrome definition are soon to come.



2 comments on “the सुवदिता evolutionary syndrome( T’SES)

  1. J Gre says:

    Nice post , altogether different thought ! Wonderful. The format you have
    chosen is also different and nice. It shows “lagan” for both the languages,
    ability of expression in both languages. Great. Keep it up and enjoy. This
    makes others enjoy too. Eager to see new posts.

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