EnFlightened, EnVitened, EnLightened!

I was alone when I boarded my flight to London from Mumbai, flew for hours and soon I landed to Heathrow. I admit that I was very excited and turned on as ever and this is what happened next-

A ride in the cold,
With hearts so bold,
We were all sold,
To the papers in the plos-
or P’NAS , and the Nature’s gloss,
or the Science’s cause,
We died on the lappy,
But we were happy,
To make’em clappy,
We worked so hard,
and the Oyster card,
and the housing ward,
Were full with fun.
We’were sort of done,
When were to stun,
Our eyes with the life-
of us and the best,
the flowing zest,
made us de-rest,
Then came deadlines,
The literature mines,
Late night wines,
But we survived,
We surely derived-
The’quations of beauty,
Of devotion and duty,
The life was a cutee,
That I shall so cherish
That I shall so cherish..!


2 comments on “EnFlightened, EnVitened, EnLightened!

  1. J Gre says:

    Nice Hrushikesh! I it is rythmic and a poem !! It can express all about your stay there

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