I Have No.1 Life!

The conditions for (infinite) optimality of a system is a central question in evolution. This problem could be phrased in algebraic terms by representing the optimality or fitness of the system as a linear combination of weighted fitnesses for various ‘aspects’ of the system. The optimality corresponds thus to the highest infinity of grand fitness. Interestingly, the such a numerical solution to the optimality also requires input from the ‘evaluating’ machienery (here, the weights of fitnesses for aspects)  as from the evaluated, the aspect fitnesses of the system;  Moreover, what we might be interested in could be the possible ‘biological’ solutions that correspond to these numerical solutions. The map from ‘aspects’ to fitnesses controls the ability of aspect fitnesses to be optimal. This mapping may be fitness-restrictive or optimizing or else, intermediate. The possible antagonistic mechanisms acting in determining the aspect fitnesses could make us think that there could be no achievable infinite optima. Such antagonisms are possible both within and between aspects. So, are the infinite optima really impossible to attain?
Vote out your intuition! –


2 comments on “I Have No.1 Life!

  1. Ugo says:

    Is it possible to have infinite fitness in a non-infinte world?

    • creatioblog says:

      Great point, one more reason to believe that infinite optima are out of reach… But seems to me that everything is infinite. even an atom is infinitely divisible I guess. So, there might still be potential for the infinite optima…

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