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Imaginary or Complex Numbers have been  part of our mathematical knowledge since quite a time now. Though, I haven’t been exposed to complex-valued functions in biological systems. The domains and ranges of many (or all?) functions seem to be real or sub-real valued i.e. those functions expect and output real variables.This ‘real’ness of variables seems to be a pan-reality axiom- valid for biological, physical and chemical systems.
I have a few primary thoughts on this issue- I wonder that non-complexity in fundamental physical systems may be leading to the same in higher chemical and biological systems as physical systems form a basis for them and they possess such a non-complexity preserving developmental operator to make this happen. Also, it seems that many actual functions do not expect real valued inputs, but they get those as their input variables are constrained to be real valued in themselves, which still suffices to lead to non-complexity. And the key to incorporating complex variables in any system is non-physicality or abstractness or complexifying developmental operators from the real-valued physical variables.
I know everybody has a cosmologist, philosopher, naturalist and mathematician in themselves, so communicate your intuition and tell what you feel in the comments!

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4 comments on “A Place for i in the World

  1. sunil G says:

    I think complexity is nothing but a well established and inter related group of non complex things. More and more deep we go in the subject, complexity starts diminishing and we reach to the non complex, basic and simple things.
    Hence I firmly believe that at the core every thing is simple and non complex.

    • creatioblog says:

      Yes, this makes me realize that the basic units/ components of any system are simpler than or at least equally simple to the net. But if the organization of those simple components is intricate it may make a complex net. It could be thus equally or more complex than the units. Do you copy..?

  2. RAJARSHI BALL says:

    Hrushi, Good Good But only Scientific Blog; Plz try to explain with natural life examples…This is Blithe Raj from fb..

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