HAHEs & The Story Inspired-I

Got no food, got none,
For years was stoned away from Sun,
Then there came rains,
n then there was begun,
A fast & super & lasting run,
To a place like heaven,
With so much of fun,
It rested & reached there,
To everybody stun!
It rested & reached there,
To everybody stun!

HAHE stands for Highly Active-Highly Evolving & such are those systems which are the most conspicuous ones when we look at the whole classification of the evolving systems searching for the best. The present HAHE is an imaginary representative HAHE, named HAHE-1. It has its story of personal evolution made possible by its being a HAHE. Here & henceforth I wish to tour similar interesting imaginary systems adding my blog a new series called ‘Theoretical Fantasy’.

As I have begun this series with the evolving systems, which are indeed interesting, I would like to have a broader &  deeper look at them in the coming posts with the rigor at hand. The series aims to include relevant theories, of real or the imaginary, that hold my mind & hence the name ‘Theoretical Fantasy’ (TF). The inspiration for HAHE concept was a business management book called ‘Hyperinnovation’ by Chris Harris.
If you would like to suggest topics for this series or like to contribute, please e-mail me at vedadnya8@gmail.com.

This is a short inaugural post for the series,’ Theoretical Fantasy’.
Hope you like it.
Thank you.

Hrushikesh Sunil Gore.


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