Strange-tuations.. .

Life could get,
Strange or crazy,
n, too, hazy,
If you let,
yourself thru a mazy,
n speaking phrazy,
Call it, you can-
A ‘Strange-tuation’…

It could feel,
Sweet or painy,
hot or rainy,
It could steal,
Your days a many,
Seem irony,
Keep your breath..,

Good of it,
Is called as ‘quaint’,
Bad is ‘weird’,
Unknown n feared,
That it’s strange,
That you thru went,

So different they are, the strange-tuations,
They tell me a lot or look trick-tuations,
In fluctuations, in stuck-tuations,
& Even in the strange, ‘ve got actuations-
To thee , thee alone-
In any-tuation, in many-tuations,
With punctuation, without puctuations…
To thee, thee alone,
To thee, thee alone…

Abstract:-  Strange-tuations. Have them with you, they may help.


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