The Enviables

With the reddish gleam of the dawns,
We breathe our first vims,
Our eyes open to the brightest Sun up ahigh,
& our sights glow with wonder,
& spirits bathe in the grace & glamor,
That He shed,
For us,
With affection,

With the tunes of eternity,
We muse our souls,
& further the verve arisen,
We touch the Supreme,
& kiss the eternal,
& let ourselves die in bliss,
& devotion,
For His love,
The radiant & the superior,
We are,
The Enviables…
We wish to touch you with ardor,
& grasp you close,
& let you merge with us,
For we love you,..

May we shine eternal…
May we,


Abstract:- The love supreme.


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