CG Crosses 100 & The First Editorial

The blog, CreatioGaudium, crossed hundred posts some days before & I’m happy to have your pleasant company in this journey.
Poetry of various types has been part of my posts. Some look quite classic-like or formal, some, informal & light, some are verses, some are not. One post, in particular, has a style of a pure mathematical discourse, namely, the post Reference #3.  Some posts do feature a mixture of styles & some include many-language versions of a poem. English, Marathi, Bangla (Bengali), Hindi & Sanskrit are the languages that have been used here in this blog till today. I have a habit of using terms & words from different languages in posts, their titles or alike using online translators.

This blog originated as a collection of my poetic facebook status updates in the mid-2012 & flourished to a  larger set of poetry it is today.  The name CreatioGaudium is derived from two latin words , meaning ‘creation’ & ‘joy’, respectively. It intends to remind one of the creation of joy & the joy involved in creation, that we all experience & that, which makes us create.

Here, for making the posts easier to comprehend, I started adding abstracts & word meanings with references. Addition of abstracts is still continued, but the ‘abstracts’ today may sometimes make additional statements or comments, if the gist seems obvious in the poetry.
There are two major topic-tags, both about love- The Alliterations of Love & the Acta Amor [Latin:The Love Journal]. The earlier one is the elder. Acta Amor has just begun it’s journey. The blog  has a seven post long poetic tale called ‘The Scar & The Tale of Love’ featured in the Alliterations of Love series.
Love & life are great inspirations & I enjoy putting them into words & creating & developing this blog has been a pleasurable endeavor.  I, again, thank you all for being with me here & wish we continue this association in the future.

The Soft-Aids & References that have been a vital support for this blog are:-

(Software)TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, SEQUENCE PUBLISHING.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex:

Cambridge Dictionary Online:


Google Translate:


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