Get Inside

“Walking on the street,
Waiting for you meet,
& on my shivering beat,
I see you come sweet,
I see you here come sweet…

Gentle breaths,
& gentle hands,
Smiles soft,
& the flowing sands-
Of thy words,
That touch my palms,
& thy manner,
That me calms,
Reach my senses,
To make them die,
They live for love,
For love they sigh…”

And my heart has a wish,

Get inside my heart,
‘side  my beats,
‘side my soul,
‘side my whole,
You reside,
In my dreams,
With my wants,
‘long my breaths,
In my eyes,
I confide,
In your grace,
In your smile,
In your care,
In your heart,
& you guide,
My yearns,
My wishes,
My urge,
My mind,
You preside,
My love,
You preside,
Live here,
not divide,
not divide,

For I need you,

Get inside…
Inside my heart,
Inside my life.

I wish, you-

Get Inside.

Abstract:- L’entrée de l’amour…

P.S. :Google Translate helps here.


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