Episode IV: Signs in the Fog

‘Ashes’ was the word they yell,
The one that fog voice tell,
I followed those voices till a shrine,
Where on a serpent my sight fell,

Crawled inside the dire snake,
I follow it to where it take,
There I observe a pot with ashes,
The voice’s yell, & mine the sake,

I take the pot to my abode,
Follow me the serpent till the road,
To my home, whence did I come,
& vanish it then in an episode,
& vanish it then in an episode…

:The voices yell through the fog distant but nearby. He hears the word ‘ashes’, recurring in the fog. He wonders what this might mean. He follows the fog voice to a worn temple where he sees a snake crawl up to a pot with ashes in the inside of the temple. He takes that pot, returns.


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