Episode II: Calls from the Dark…

Amidst this night my chest still yearns,
It urges for you, though not discerns,
I walk through these woods, To search you here,
Seeking you, all of me burns,

When in dreams, I feel you,
That takes my mind to thy milieu,
I feel thy love, as I see-
Mystiques gracing all thy view,

Every night, woods send me calls,
They make my soul escape the walls,
To find you here, to touch you dear,
To love you for long, till me falls,

I fear no beast, I see them not,
I see you, thou, dear, sought,
It takes my blood, it’s every drop,
Glamorised be pain, the each I’ve got,

I think, that was you, behind the tree,
I saw you leave your special perch,
I surge ahead, I leap forth now,
I follow you, I search, I search,
I follow you, I search , I search…

Abstract: The character has calls of temptations to go to the dark woods, & search for his love, he receives in his dreams an unclear, mystic image of his lure. He searches.


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