Heavens Elegiac…

Mere be thou without heavens here bereft,
Joys & the light in soul thou, along with, left,
Prayers no reach heavens & to the blessings it occlude,
The Harp lie silent, grief cannot it elude,

O thou, Saint beloved, return hither divine,
Come hither with thy grace & the grace affine,
With thy profundity let the heavens illumine,
Soothe our yells for thee with affection thine,

Bloom shall the earth & the heavens with florets & bliss,
Ever if thou return hither or the heavens breathe amiss,
Send we pleas to thee, supplicate with the rhymes,
May thou dwell with us for all ever the times,
May thou dwell with us for all ever the times…

Abstract:- This is an elegy sung by the heavens mournful for the loss of a divine Saint. The heaven pleas to him to return & reillumine the heavens that are blissless, with his grace, wisdom & affection, again.

TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Sequence Publishing;
The Free Dictionary By Farlex: http://www.thefreedictionary.com.


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