Das Chauto…

Ratrichya bhar andharat,
Nakat, tondat, kinva kanat,
To jato…

Lakshat theva,
Das Chauto…

Manachya sundar palangavar,
Swapnachi kushi badaltanna,
To ghongavto,

Lakshat theva,
Das Chauto…

Zopli aste jenva,
Zop papnyanvar,
Kesant asto alas rengalat,
Tenva aplya hatavar,
To visavto…

Lakshat theva,
Das Chauto…

Ekaki ratra ani,
Ekaki apan,
Jeevan vatta ekaki ho tenva pan,
Toch aplyashi bolto…

Pan lakshyat theva,
Das Chauto,

Das Chauto…

Abstract:- This talks in a comic way about how mosquitos [ ‘das’ in Marathi] form parts of our nights & urges to remember that they do bite!
No Offence to Volkswagen, though.


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