I heard my cells calling for you,
They want you, nothing but you,
Kick my heart, let it groove,
Nothin else, you got to do,
Kill my nerves,
with thy verves,
Get me up, get me high,
Get within & get so nigh,
Fill my breath, down beneath,
Close my eyes in thy sheath,
Make my blood dark n hot,
With all the love that you got,
& That’s not all, I want more,
Hit my skin, you, hit my core,
Let it die, let not restore,
Downright dead with thy love,
Get you in me,I get you in cove,
Touch inside, touch me deep,
Oh thy gist, I got to keep,

& you can’t run,

‘Cause You are…

Digested:- 1. broken down (food) in the stomach & intestines into substances that can be absorbed by the body.
2. Become assimilated into the body.

I see.

TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus,
The Free Dictionary By Farlex: http://www.thefreedictionary.com,
Compact Oxford Reference Dictionary, Oxford.


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