Peyechhi Tomay…


Peyechhi tomay, mone amar,
Buker chorom akamper pashe,
Khoner majhe lupto tomake,
Peyechhi abar amar shase,

Ei gae tumi soman,
Bolchhe hridoy nam tomar,
Peyechhi nobhe, alo te, tomay,
Obhinno tomake peyechhi abar,



Found you in my mind, Within the chest-
Near the thrill, the thrill extreme,
To thee who vanished in a moment,
Found you again in my breath stream,

You are equal in this body,
My heart sings your name,
Found you in sky, in light,
Found you again, found you same…

Abstract:- The character expresses how inseparable his love is from him, & tells how he finds his love everywhere within & outside.

My dear friend Ankita Majumder helped me improve the bangla version of the poem & I, thus, thank her for this.

References & Aids:-
Google Translate Bangla to English.
TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus.


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