No Issues…

“From the temple come the winds & the holy scents,
My heart burns a bit- for the lack thine laments,
It see- Dream of yours & the care you lend,
Holds  breath , loses a beat & to the love it assents…”

-Yeah, Still, No Issues…

Poster people are great, I know,
Models in adds, still better,
Nobody is better than you, though-
For me to patter,
I got friend requests few,
On fb & twitter,
Harder than you,
None else could here batter,
Now you got me into-
You, for that matter,
I’m so much involved-
Even if you grow fatter,

You didn’t reply that day,
In a way hotter,
I’m killed here,
more for the latter…

Yeah, But, No Issues…Life’s like that…
Take care…

Abstract:- Amidst the holy airs he receives from the temples, the character says that his heart laments for lack of his love. His heart still feels the thrill & love. His love does not reciprocate, but he has no issues as he knows life’s like that & he has to accept it.





It killed me, still, no issues…


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