The Flame…

photo credit: Velo Steve.

The pure heat,
The flame beneath,
That I breathe,
The pure heat,

Red deep,
That my heart keep,
Through my eyes seep,
The leap of the flame,

That glow here,
Within dear,
The flame alive,

I pour my whole,
My life, my soul,
The divine sole-
The flame, into…

I burn, I break,
The flames I make,
My zests wake,
In the heat…

I burn for the high,
My soul does fly,
The flame belie,
All my sins…

Swerve my flame,
We be same,
To us does frame,
The wall of hope…

Abstract:- This talks about a high & austere flame that resides in the character’s chest, that he pours himself into & which belies his all sins & burns for the high. He tells that he & the flame have united & the union framed by the wall of hope to keep it alive…


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