She Never Talks…

That day on the coffee shop,
I saw you n just did stop,
A small “hi” did I drop,
Folks…She never talks…

I joined you in a class,
& Made pass by pass,
It was just to me abash,
Folks…She never talks…

We were in the same row,
-On the bus n I said hello,
Nothing else, just a high eyebrow,
Dear Folks…She never talks…

Me talks,
to people from all walks,
I don’t kill whales &
I don’t eat chalks,
Folks…She never talks…
Folks…She NEVER talks…

Abstract:- This is what a guy with a sober interest in some shy & silent girl says.




2 comments on “She Never Talks…

  1. Nirmal Gore says:

    aee, he masta ahe. Liked it!

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